We find, then solve, your unknown unknowns. 

Our services

We support governments, nongovernmental organizations, grantmakers, industries, companies, and individuals trying to solve some of the most difficult land and natural resources issues in North America. We are equally fluent in issues of use and conservation.

We are not lawyers. We are problem-solvers. 

The process is simple. You tell us about the issue you are facing, and we will talk through it to see if we can help.

If we agree that it makes sense to work together, we dive in to learning everything there is to know the topic, starting by talking to you and your stakeholders. We will survey and map the entire universe of the topic--the data, the law, the experts, the data, the key players, and the economics of the situation. Then, we come back to talk you through the solutions--providing access to experts and alternatives that you likely did not know existed. 

What We've Achieved

  • Building the world's only comprehensive database on natural resources damages.

  • Influencing legislative policy and judicial decisions in new and emerging areas of law.

  • Attracting state and national media attention on research and ideas.

  • Consulting for the U.S. Federal Government on public-private relationships in managing public lands and resources.

  • Creating conferences, books, and articles to combine and create knowledge in under-theorized areas of natural resources.